Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Nafasi Sacco?

To join Nafasi Sacco, you must fill in a membership form, provide your ID and passport photo, and then pay initial shares of KSH 1,000 to Pay bill 920100, the Account Number being your ID No.

What are the benefits of being a Nafasi Sacco member?

Some of the benefits of being a member of Nafasi Sacco include and are not limited to; access to a variety of savings accounts tailor-made to your needs, such as a Holiday Account,

Children’s Accounts, access to short and long-term loans with competitive interest rates

Who can join Nafasi Sacco?

Any person can join Nafasi Sacco from all the market segments, including; Employees of the National cereals and produce board, employees working in registered companies, and self-employed individuals.

What are the benefits of saving money with Nafasi Sacco?

Some benefits of saving with Nafasi Sacco include; high savings, qualifying for higher loans and higher dividends, and high savings guaranteeing a member comfortable retirement.

Can I withdraw money on my phone from my FOSA account?

Yes, you can withdraw money on your mobile phone from your account. All you have to do is register for mobile banking by downloading the application form, fill and return to Sacco for processing. After registration, dial *645# or *886#, Mobile App or WhatsApp Banking and select the service you want.

How much do I need to save to acquire a loan with Nafasi Sacco?

 To acquire a loan with Nafasi Sacco, you must save for at least three months. The monthly contribution is a minimum of KSH 1,000. The deposits earn interest at the end of the year, and the higher the deposits, the higher the interest paid to a member.

Does the Sacco have an ATM card?

The Sacco has an ATM card. We have collaborated with Co-operative Bank to enable our members to withdraw cash from any Co-operative bank ATM and any other Visa-enabled ATM. To apply for an ATM card, download the ATM card application form from the website, fill and return to Sacco for processing. Once the card is ready, you will receive an SMS from Nafasi Sacco informing you to collect the card.

Are there any vacant job opportunities?

We update job vacancies on our website and Social media pages.

How can I withdraw from the Sacco?

For you to withdraw from the Sacco, you will have to give written notice of 60 days. Withdrawal is subject to clearance of all Sacco liabilities.

What channels can I use to repay my deposits, savings, loans and shares?

You can repay deposits, savings, loans and shares through your mobile phone by dialling USSD *645#  or *886#, Mobile Application or WhatsApp Banking and following the prompts or by cash payment through the FOSA or society’s bank account at Co-operative bank of Kenya.